It is time again to add new members to the Irony City family!  We are super excited and hope that you are too!  

Who We Are Looking For

We don't know yet!  We all have some ideas about what kind of improviser would make a great addition to Irony City, but the worst thing you could do is take yourself out of the running before you even audition.  Remember: no preparation is needed and no experience is necessary.  Just be positive, flexible, and playful!

Audition Schedule

Auditions will be in 1-hour time slots over two days in March.  The schedule is below:

March 13 & 14, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)
1pm - 4pm
Time slots available on the hour (1pm, 2pm, 3pm) each day
ModernFormations Gallery

Audition Process

Here is some information to be aware of if you are interested in auditioning:
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.  
  • There is a short form to fill out (download it here if you want to bring it with you).
  • Up to 10 improvisers will audition together in each time slot.
  • There will be a warm-up at the beginning of each time slot for 10-15 minutes.
  • The audition will consist of two-person scenes and improv games (e.g. freeze).
  • While this is an audition, the most important thing is for everyone to relax and have fun.  So come ready to play!
What happens after the audition?
  • After the audition, we'll invite a handful of people to an extended call back. Please keep in mind that these choices will place the utmost emphasis on our sense of which people will mesh well with our troupe. We also do not have a predetermined number of members in mind.
  • The call back will be a period of open rehearsals from late March until late April.  During this time, the invited improvisers will be encouraged to attend as many of our rehearsals as possible, doing exactly what we do at rehearsals: improve our scenework, workshop games, work on our group dynamic, and more!
  • After the open rehearsal period, we will make our final decision on who will join Irony City.
  • We hope that through this process, we will find people that really jive with our troupe. Beyond expanding our own troupe, we also hope that the process will yield an upsurge in improv interest, serve as a meeting place for Pittsburgh's improvisers, and maybe even plant the seeds of future troupes or projects!

Sign Up!

We are currently finalizing our open rehearsal/call back list.  You can no longer sign up at this time.