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2007 performance videos.

ModernFormations :: 11/28/07

  • Zebra Cakes (3:09): the troupe improvises a free-form song based on the word "Potato."
  • Innuendo (1:50): two players compete head-to-head to come up with the fastest and funniest innuendo of the form, "I like my men like I like my ____", where the blank is a suggestion provided by the audience.
  • Scene (3:27): a scene in which a sarcastic young man brings home yet another bad grade, only this time his parents are waiting -- with a surprise!
  • Switch (1:15): two players do a scene based on the suggestion "liver." At any point he feels like it, one player (off stage) can call "Switch" at which point the players on stage must switch the last thing they said or did. This is an excerpt from that scene.
  • Excuses (1:32): one player has to guess the four elements of the only excuse her hard-edged boss will accept. This clip shows Amy guessing that she came from the tanning bed and returned on a camel.
  • Alphabet (1:40): Irony City Improv does a scene in which a former greeter has second thoughts about his current heist. The trick is, players must begin each line with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet.