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2008 performance videos.

Cabaret at Theater Square :: 9/27/08

  • Switch - Negotiations at a Car Dealer (2:58): a game of switch. Two players do a scene that takes place at a car dealer. At any point he feels like it, one player (to the left side) can call "Switch" at which point the players on stage must switch the last thing they said or did. This is an excerpt from that scene.

Guest Spot with Hustlebot :: 6/26/08

  • Actor's Nightmare - Pranking Stepfather (2:49): two players perform a scene, one reading his lines from a script (Sophie Treadwell's Machinal) and one improvising all of the lines.
  • Song Option - Clown College (3:03): a scene in which a young starry-eyed freshman arrives for his first day at clown college. Throughout the scene, certain lines of dialogue are turned into short songs.

Your Inner Vagabond :: 5/17/08

  • Balladeer (3:50): excerpts from a stream of conscious of scenes, informed and thematically linked by the vocal stylings of Adam, our Balladeer for the game.
  • Jeopardy (2:15): a game much like the popular television game show. The audience provides words and the players offer questions to which those words could be answers.

Your Inner Vagabond :: 3/8/08

  • Actor's Nightmare (2:03): two players perform a scene, one reading his lines from a script and one improvising all of the lines.
  • Dead Actors (4:35): a play in which just before the curtain goes up all of the actors but one dies in a tragic accident. But, the show must go on! The remaining actor is left to perform the entire play himself using the bodies of the dead actors much like the body of the title character in Weekend At Bernie's. In this performance, Adam performed a stage adaptation of The Matrix.
  • Questions (2:37): a series of short scenes in or about the lost city of Atlantis. In each scene, players must only ask questions. If at any time a player cannot ask a question, he or she steps to the end of the line, and a new player enters, beginning a new scene.

Open Thread Variety Show :: 2/8/08

  • Story Story Die - When Clams Go Bad (2:34): a story titled "When Clams Go Bad." One player speaks at a time, the emcee switching from player to player at his whim. When the mic moves from one player to the next, the newly selected player has to pick up flawlessly where the last left off. Each player also tells the story from a different genre.

Union Project :: 1/19/08

  • Press Conference - Self-Peeling Banana (2:50): a press conference in which the person holding the conference has no idea what accomplishment she is holding the conference about. Members of the press ask leading questions until she guesses what it is.
  • Balladeer (3:07): excerpts from a series of scenes and short songs.
  • Foreign Poem Fest - Dust in the Wind (2:22): some poetry. One player reads the poem in her native tongue, in this case that of Saskatchewan, while another translates into English.
  • Love Letters - Medieval Kings (3:48): two players exchange letters in Medieval times. Whenever a player gets a bit of writer's block, he reaches out to the audience for inspiration. The audience yells out a word or phrase that is on their minds, and the player incorporates that suggestion into the letter.